When the passion "condom" problems

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(Summary description)Condom is an opening for rubber circle, the top have a utricle, tubular thin latex products. Set in the penis may prevent sperm into the vagina, to avoid sperm and egg meet and contraception in order to achieve the purpose.

When the passion "condom" problems

(Summary description)Condom is an opening for rubber circle, the top have a utricle, tubular thin latex products. Set in the penis may prevent sperm into the vagina, to avoid sperm and egg meet and contraception in order to achieve the purpose.

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  • Time of issue:2019-06-19 13:40
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Condom is an opening for rubber circle, the top have a utricle, tubular thin latex products. Set in the penis may prevent sperm into the vagina, to avoid sperm and egg meet and contraception in order to achieve the purpose.

Condom use in six security note:

1, if insufficient lubrication is very easy to cause the condom burst, and in the process to be on the safe side, try to show each other charm, to make adequate foreplay.

2, the surface of condoms, usually have a grease, although feels greasy feel not so comfortable, but deliberately to erase and its dangers.

The role of the layer of east east is mainly in order to prevent excessive friction and rupture, also can guarantee the girls' comfort, so if you have a boyfriend, deliberately to erase, tell him that you must stay awake: no!

3, although had a condom, your sports safety guarantee, but it is only a thin layer of dot, in the process of movement if you make some tough games, strong amplitude can also lead to the rupture.

4, all the factory to buy and sell things basically has expiration, condom is certainly not exception, when buy must pay attention to the date of production, but also pay attention to the storage requirement, don't cry because it is a negligence, causing great pain.

5, we know that condoms slip can cause pregnant, that is exactly what causes it accidentally slip? First, failing to pull away, from large to small, the condom will fall off. Second, the wrong size. People have the height or size, as part of the body, of the male genitalia naturally, there is a size difference, do not think that condoms are all code, the next time you buy a little attention, you will find this and buy shoes, buy clothes and trousers are in the same way, the principle of honest or universal of!

6, the majority of condoms are made of the latex, but unfortunately, there are a few people allergic to latex, encountered such a situation, don't give up birth control! Not all are made from latex condom, durex condoms have other material. If still allergic symptoms, of course, it is to stop using, and then take other contraceptive methods.

If you are to go to the shop to ask the size of the condom or feel embarrassed, we'll help you capture the information, give you basic classification:

According to the diameter size, can be divided into four types:

A large (35 mm in diameter),

The number (33 mm in diameter)

The trumpet (31 mm in diameter)

Very small (29 mm in diameter)

According to the thickness of the points, can be divided into three types:

Normal thickness (0, 4 ~ 0, 6 mm)

The thickness of the thin (0, 3 ~ 0, 4 mm)

Ultra-thin (0, 3 mm thick)

According to the appearance, is of rich species:

Ordinary, unique shape, corrugated type, grain type, there are many strange shapes, Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign some companies specializing in the production of special condoms, if you are interested, can go to tao tao, but condom after all belong to the individual items, so remember, safety first!

1, honest first, face the second, for the sake of your sex life, must choose the right size!

2, condoms are disposable products, don't repeat use. Repeat exercise need to replace the condom.

3, open the use, don't let it in the open state remain in the air for a long time.

4, see the crevasse immediately discarded, safety first!

Only 5, take off immediately after a workout, be careful, be careful not to spill.

6, please do not throw the used condom into the toilet, it is not broken down. Environmental protection needs to pay attention to at any time.

Condoms in vagina?

Slip during intercourse, if found condoms in the vagina, to immediately stop sexual intercourse, and wash with two finger gently into the vagina, remove it, don't continue to use the condom, best to replace a condom sex again.

If it is after ejaculation slide in the vagina, then, should actively take remedial measures, immediately told the woman drop, let semen, flowing from the vagina of the semen and vaginal mouth wash, to infuse contraceptive vaginal cream at the same time; For the sake, best immediately after oral contraceptives, such as diethylstilbestrol 50 mg, stay for five days.

During sex The condom broke?

Use is too small, expired or excessive use of condom, prone to fracture. Condom burst set inside the sperm into the vagina, such as the woman is in oviposit period, it is possible to get pregnant. So find a condom during sex is broken, immediate measures should be taken to prevent pregnancy.

First of all, the woman immediately get out of bed next crouching, semen from the vagina, and then choose a kind of external use birth control pills, such as external diaphragm, external use contraceptive tablet, etc.) deep into the vagina, to kill remaining in the vagina sperm or lose its vitality. Acidic environment conducive to sperm activity, if not the external use of birth control pills, also desirable 10 ml of vinegar, add in half bowl of warm water sitz bath, soak the vagina for a few minutes, but the effect is not ideal.

Some sperm into the vagina, sperm can be within minutes through the cervix tube into the uterine cavity. That is to say, before the measures, may have been part of the sperm into the uterine cavity, so it is still likely to get pregnant.

Condom burst the best remedy is pregnant with taking the drugs. At present commonly used drug pregnancy is # 53 visit, its usage is that immediately after the condom broke 1 tablet (at the latest not more than 12 hours), 2, 3, 4 days after each suit again at night l. If not no. 53 visit, also can use short-acting 18 a contraceptive tablet, take 2 tablets each time, 2 times a day, a total of 2 days. Also on two drugs as remedy used condom burst, dose is bigger, easy to cause adverse reaction, therefore, should not be used. The key question is to prevent rupture of the condom.

Condom use contraception couples, best equipped with l ~ 2 kind of drug is pregnant, to prevent the condom burst Cambodia does not, at a loss, cause mental tension.

Condoms and contraceptive cream combined with good, if the condom breaks up, contraceptive cream also can play a role of contraception.

Wear a condom would affect sex appeal

Condoms to sex appeal influence there are two different views, so the use of condoms also hold two different attitude. Some people think that the use of condoms can prolong intercourse, to feel more happy; Others think condoms will reduce the pleasure during sex, so not willing to accept.

Men wear a condom, the sensitivity of the penis head is reduced, the time may be extended to orgasm, but will not affect the ejaculation of pleasure. Generally under normal circumstances, the time needed for the female orgasm longer than men, if men use condoms can prolong intercourse, for women's sex appeal. Especially for a male premature ejaculation, can wear a condom prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation, so as to get a harmonious sex life.

At present, the production is made of high quality latex condoms, texture soft, thin and transparent, little impact on sexy. Willing to use a condom is a matter of habit, and some western developed countries of men willing to use condoms, about 75% of the couples to use condoms in Japan as the only method. Therefore, as long as insist on will gradually habit. Sichuan province recently conducted a contraceptive application effect of epidemiological studies have shown that in nine cities, and the state of 11 counties and districts governed by 430000 people, the condom is one of the most popular among urban and rural couples of childbearing age contraceptives, accounting for 43.8%.

The combination use condoms and the rhythm is more ideal. With the method of measurement of basal body temperature, when the body temperature for 4 days (when the egg is dead), can stop the use of condoms, until menstrual cramps. Doing so can reduce the use of condoms, the date of can also play a role of contraception.

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