Company culture

“Rome was not built in one day”, Xiangban people, adhering to credit culture, attaches important to staff quality cultivation and experience accumulation. With market credit as its flag, it has gathered strengths from all aspects. It serves consumers by occupying the market, and strives for building the largest condom production base of China.
Brand culture is the core impetus for enterprise brand construction. The cultural tradition and core value embodied by Xiangban is the source of its long-lasting development.
Enterprise prosperity owns to its culture, which not only brings the enterprise with halo but also expresses its spirit. It is on the cultural height that Xiangban people are realizing its great plan of winning by brand and culture.
The highly competitive market economy shows that brand competition will ultimately determine future market competition. Scientific brand strategy will be the booster for faster enterprise development. Far-sighted brand strategy and decision-making will be the key to the development and expansion of a modern enterprise.   

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